Sunday, December 21, 2008

My cat is too smart!

The family cat "Carrot" is waaaaaaaaay smarter than I give him credit for. It's been super cold and the wood stove has been working overtime. I was getting worried when I couldn't find him for a while, I finally found him - see pictures :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Any excuse to have the oven on!

It is FRIGID! So in order to help the wood stove keep the house toasty, I'm baking bread. I bake a lot of bread in the winter, one just to have something in the oven and two because it gets gobbled up fairly quickly as well. I'm not vegan but my best white bread recipe happens to be vegan. So if anyone would like it just let me know.

I have decided to have meatloaf for makes good left overs AND I get to keep the oven on without wasting gas :)

Other than that, not too much going on - I turn 39 tomorrow...ugh.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Time always flies

Friday was Isabella's 5th birthday! HOW IN THE HELL did that happen. It doesn't seem possible that she's 5 already. It was a good birthday she is all Barbied out now. She loves Barbie and if something is pink and barbie - well then it's ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL good!

I have found myself very cranky lately. It could be from the worry of being laid off from work (but if Obama can get the infrastructure package he wants going, things should be ok) or it could be the impending doom of my 39th birthday on the 15th. My birthdays have pretty much sucked every year since my Dad died. He was the one who always made a big deal about it. Even though the eternal optimist in me hopes this one will be better, I'm highly doubting it.

It's been cold lately, not too much snow, but quite a bit of cold. So the wood stove has been working overtime. I had to fix the handles again, them seem to get loose every week or two. I need to get my butt to the hardware store and grab some lock washers, but I never seem to remember.

Greg and Vincent are out looking for a tree. I hate it when Greg picks out a tree. He goes and finds the ugliest thing he can find and brings it home. I LOVE Christmas trees - the way they smell and look, but when he picks one out it's just a pain in the ass and makes me crazy. He just thinks it's funny and I just want to kick his butt.

Sorry I'm cranky - but that is just part of life - good and bad.

May you have more good than bad.