Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two weeks since surgery

Well I had THOUGHT I was supposed to go to the Dr on the 12th to get the surgical bandage (pic 1) removed and to see if I was getting a cast or back to Das Boot.  Went to the clinic, dealt with crappy parking, when you are on crutches you ALWAYS want to get as close to the door as possible, went to check in and was promptly told that my appt was on the 11th and that my Dr is never there on Tuesdays, but they could squeeze me in on the 13th.  So fine, set the appt and was growly because the receptionist was really snarky, like I'm supposed to KNOW he's not there on Tuesdays, whatever!  So I went home and checked ALL my paperwork from the hospital and it ALL said my appt was on the :P to that chick behind the counter.

Onto the 13th, went to the clinic, had to park in SIBERIA thank goodness Vincent was with me to carry my backpack and the boot.  Checked in with same receptionist, and told her all my paperwork said the 12th, and sat down to wait.  The appt was at 9:15am, we got in at 10:15 - ugh.  They took off the surgical bandage and I scratched the living hell out of my leg, you have NO IDEA how maddening it is to have an itch you cannot scratch at ALL!  Dr said everything looks good so far and that stitches will dissolve.  I was really impressed with the fact that he tried to stay with the contour of my tattoo.  It makes the scar a little more jagged, but it was really cool that he made that effort.  I had even told him not to worry about it.  I'm not sure how big the scar is going to be as I still have the steri-strips on, and I'm supposed to leave them until they fall off. (pic 2)

I cannot get over how much my leg shrank, it's hard to tell in the picture (pic 3 and 4) but I really is significantly smaller than the other now.  I can flex my ankle a little right now, and the Dr. says I should but only up and down, not side to side or try rolling it at all yet.  I can feel the plate when I touch my ankle which is also odd, it just feels really solid.  The kids put magnets on it to see if they'd stick, their logic was it's METAL so the magnets SHOULD stick, they don't har har har!

It's pretty sore now and I'm getting used to the boot again, I'm glad that was what we went with, where the kids wanted to draw on a cast, I like that I can shower without a garbage bag duct taped to my leg! And it's nice because I can take the boot off every now and then when it gets really hot.

So I'm off work until at least the 5th of July which is my next appt with an x-ray, I'm just trying to not over do it, but it's hard trying to keep up with 3 kids and try to keep a house in order.  And I miss working, my coworkers, etc.  but we had a big conversion happen at work and it was apparently much hairier than anticipated, so I've missed the worst of that.  I'm not bummed that I missed it but I feel bad because I know they could have used the help.  And short term disability is OK, but it's not my regular check and so I don't see squat going into the bank like before.  But I'll make up for it when I go back and get some big overtime checks in.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell...hope life is good with you!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Post Surgery

It's late, and my leg is throbbing, so I should do an update.  I had my surgery on May 29th, they put a plate and some screws on m, y left ankle, I'm not sure exactly how many screws. 

The surgery was supposed to be at 12ish, but there was some sort of delay and so I didn't even get into surgery until after 2:30ish, but I did get a $10.00 gift card from HyVee for the inconvenience.   Then the anesthesiologist came in to discuss how I was going to "go under".  After looking at all of the options, I chose a spinal block and sedative, so I was not awake at all.  When I came to, I was feeling groggy, but ok. Everything went well with the surgery yay.

They were going to let me go home that same day as long as I went to the bathroom and I could get around after the spinal block wore off.  Well the time came to go to the bathroom and wow was I wobbly, and I couldn't go even though I felt like I was going to wet my pants! *TMI I'm sure but it's part of the tale*  I got back into bed and my leg began to throb a little, then more, then more...then to the point where I wanted to saw off my own leg!  I have a high tolerance for pain and I was just in tears, I had asked for something for pain a couple of times, and was given meds, but they didn't even put a dent into the pain. 

I was really upset about the possibility of going home in that much pain as I didn't want my kids to see me in tears.  Not to mention I could barely get to the bathroom in my room by myself and the thought of  trying to get down to our bathroom  in the basement was horrifying.  So basically I was begging to spend the night in the hospital.  I called Greg in tears and asked him to come sit with me for a while, he said "I'm coming to raise some hell about this, you can't come home like this!"  Now normally I would do everything I could to NOT have Greg loose his cool with people who are just doing their jobs, but I was hurting so bad I didn't even care.  That's when I think he realized how much pain I was in too. 

By this time the nurses had changed shifts, and the new nurse I had called the Doctor and told him there was no way I could go home with the amount of pain I was in.  Then they ordered morphine through my IV, it still took 3/4 of the night but they FINALLY got my pain under control.  The Dr also changed my meds to come home with, so now I'm on a "cocktail" of Oxycodone, Tramadol, and Hydrocodone.  And if I get even a little off with taking them my leg makes me well aware of it! 

I'm home now, and able to get around well.  The kids and Greg are being really helpful and I can't thank them enough for that! 

Tomorrow I'm going to SHOWER since the surgery.  Break out the garbage bags and duct tape!  Oh happy day.  But I feel so slimy and I would like to get my hair washed.  I have the shower bench so that isn't something I have to get used to or figure out how to use.  It's a slight pain, but really not too bad and I'm just happy to be able to shower as are those who must be around!

So that's pretty much it in a nutshell...hope the days are treating you fabulous!

Friday, May 25, 2012


The kids helped me decorated Das Boot.   We picked out bling and stickers...we might add more later but it's a good start and it certainly improves it's look!  Enjoy!


May 29th I will be having the surgery for my ankle.  I have to have a plate and several pins/screws put in.  The break itself is apparently rather stable, however it pulled the joint which is why I have to have surgery.  I cannot have anything done with my knee right now, mostly due to the rehab that will be required after it's done.  Two joints at once is not a good idea.  AND oddly enough I am "too young" to qualify for an immediate replacement surgery, so hoops have to be jumped through...pun intended!  However my Dr is going to try to expedite the process since my deductible is paid.

I am a little nervous about the surgery, because.....well it's surgery and that is a major thing.  I'm worried about my recovery time and how long it will take.  I want to get back to work, but I have to be realistic as well and make sure I don't push too far too fast, but not sit on my laurels either.  Time will tell.  The surgery is generally same day and I could be discharged that same day.  I am going to push for an overnight stay, not because I love the hospital particularly, but because I have no main floor bathroom and would like at least to not have to attempt stairs that first day.  I am planning to take my laptop up to the hospital and try to get online while I'm there.

I did remember to get a temporary disabled parking pass, it's nice that it is good through August.  I shouldn't even need it for that long, but it's good that the option is there.  Even the closest spots still seem a mile away from a store entrance sometimes. 

The kids and I are going to do the shopping tomorrow so that there isn't anything we really need next week. We will not be going without a list as I know how they are in the store, so we need to have something to stick to!  I want to have stuff they can also help prepare next week as I'm going to require more help than usual. 

I didn't get any pictures today of Das Boot, but tomorrow we are going to do some decorating, so I'll be posting pictures when that is finished....I'm hoping it turns out as fabulous as I'd like it to be!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some relief

I go to the Dr tomorrow am and I'm anxious to see what they will say.  I have made a list of questions I have and things I want to remember, getting a temp handicap pass for example, check about pain management, asking about having my knee fixed..blah blah blah.

Can't sleep again because I keep having leg spasms and then it feels like someone is attempting to rip my foot off of my leg.  But I'm comfortable right now so I figured I'd blog a bit.  I got a good picture of Das Boot and Vincent today, his friend Riley is also in the picutre.

Not all fun and games

I can't sleep because my leg is throbbing.  My arms hurt too, mostly my biceps and triceps, I'm certain this is due to using the crutches.  Eventually I should have some nice guns again.  I bought some tiger balm, that stuff stinks to high heaven, but it sure does wonders for muscle aches.  I don't think I've used it since I was a kid, I was shocked to even find it.  It costs more but again it works so well.

I'm nervous about my Thursday appt I am fairly certain they won't do anything about my knee at the same time as my ankle.  Mostly because the therapy involved to rehab both joints would be really difficult.  Not that I'm not up to a challenge, I just don't think it's even going to be an option.  And I really liked the Dr at the Foot and Ankle clinic, I don't want to not go to him.  But the other Dr does knees too, so I suppose I should just stop obsessing and wait and see.  Something I'm not good at, I like knowing what's coming.

Most of the time this whole situation seems a little surreal and I feel like I've just sprained my ankle or something, but then I try to sleep and my ankle makes me WELL aware of the fact that it's not sprained but broken.  I also don't like the idea of having a metal plate and screw on one of my joints.  And NATURALLY every person who has had a bad experience here has come out of the woodwork and found it necessary to tell me in detail their story.  I want to say "Look I'm nervous enough could you PLEASE, Shut the hell up?" not that I will.

I suppose I can try sleeping again...wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Simple things aren't so simple now

Take showering, I have to stick my leg in a garbage bag, get the stool to sit on have everything I need RIGHT THERE.  On the up side, I really only can shave one leg, so that's half the !  My family is grateful that I've put forth the effort and showered, I knew it was time when the turkey vultures started circling the house regularly!

Driving is also a pain, the act of driving itself isn't so bad as it's my left leg that is injured and my Envoy is an automatic.  Getting to the car seems to take forever, it's really not all that far from my house to the street, but it may as well be 10 miles.  Once I get somewhere it's awful right now too, I have GOT to remember to ask for a temporary handicap permit, I have had to hobble over half a parking lot and that sucked!  I've given up my purse for now and have one of the kids backpacks, note to self....BUY BACKPACK...I will NOT go down the road of fanny packs...not now, not ever!

I'm glad school is out though so the kids can help me run errands.  We had to take Old Kitty to the vet to get out his stitches, I couldn't carry him so Lil and Vincent took that duty.  Bella kept him under control at the vet she has such a way with him.

Old Kitty is our latest edition, he adopted us he wandered into our yard one day just looking pitiful and had a horrible ear infection.  I took him to the vet and we got that taken care of, and since he has had "the big snip" as well and all vaccinations. They figure he's about 11 years old, he has a great temperament with humans but he and Carrot don't seem to care for one another, but when they are outside Carrot leaves him alone and when they are inside Old Kitty tries to avoid Carrot.  Zucchini just ducks and covers as usual...I swear he's part chicken.

So that's about all I have for today...on to the pictures...1 and 2 old kitty, 3 Das Boot after a shower, 4 Leg with out Das Boot!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Das Boot

I have been neglecting this blog for quite some time.  There have been lots of things that have happened that I do not wish to blog about as 1. they are far to complicated and 2. they are private and do not need to be on the net.

I have managed to break my ankle.  I did this when I stepped on our garden hose while wearing flip flops.  My bad knee twisted and my foot stayed in place a bit too long.  So now I will be having surgery to fix it.  So to keep myself entertained, I'll going to blog the experience.  I am calling it Das Boot because of the boot thing I have to wear right now, and it's a joke about a movie that makes me nuts but my husband LOVES called Das Boot, it's a FOUR HOUR long black and white movie about a submarine sinking...did I mention it's in GERMAN!  So the words "Das Boot" generally make me cringe...

I will be taking pictures of my boot doing everyday things and posting them here and my facebook page...mostly because I'm an odd duck like that.

I'm a bit frustrated with the whole experience right now, my left knee is the reason my left ankle is now broken.  I think it would make sense to fix them both now.  I will find out on Thursday if this is even a possibility, which it may not be just due to the logistics of it.   My theory is that if I am going to be laid up for several weeks, lets fix EVERYTHING.  Not to mention if my knee is still weak, fixing my ankle is just temporary, as my knee will give out again and we will be back at square one.  I really do not want to have any more broken bones.  But I don't get to decide.

The other thing that has irritated me is this happened on Friday, I was not able to see an orthopedic Doctor until today...MONDAY.  This is because they are not on call anymore, so unless it is a life threatening break you basically get a band aid and pain pills.  If it is life threatening, they transport you to Sioux Falls or Sioux City...both which would be expensive!  When I was calling around today to try to find a Dr to get into, the first one's receptionist tells me he's booked until Thursday, but gave me to the Rn.  I tell her that I will be calling to see if I can get into anyone today.  She then says well the Dr would schedule you for Thursday anyway because he can't do anything until the swelling goes down.   MY ASS!  The Dr I went into today took more xrays, put on a compression bandage (which has helped my comfort level immensely) and discussed my options for surgery. 

I am still keeping my appt with Dr #1 only because he can look at my knee too, where Dr #2 is only foot/ankle Dr.  But if I can't have anything else done with my knee at this time, I'm sticking with Dr. #2 because he actually seemed to give a damn.

So that is all I have to say for now...and here's the pic of the day!  Das Boot catching some rays!