Thursday, February 26, 2009

This week in my life.

Lets see, a broken toe, smushed finger.

Today we had an ice storm so no school. I need to start listening to the radio, as I drove the kids to school only to find out it was closed...HA!

One more week of welding class left and I'll be an offical AWS (American Welding Society) certified welder. I didn't think I was doing all that great really, but I found out today that he went up to Greg first thing this morning at work and told him that he had "One hell of a welder" living in your house..and was actually referring to ME! But he never says squat in class, generally giving me more grief than anything else. I'll ask him about jobs I'm thinking of applying for and he'll shake his head and not really say anything.

Now I'm wondering if it's so I don't go for another job and wait until Kolberg's is bringing people back. To keep me there, which from his standpoint I can understand, but I have a mortgage to pay for. Not that we're endanger of losing the house, as we have always planned for the "rainy day" so to speak. But I wouldn't mind paying off the house before Greg is old enough to retire. Not to mention the kids college educations to think of. And I'd just like to get out of debt, which is something we could obtain if we were BOTH working.

There was a job I was nervous about applying for, now I'm pretty stoked thinking I might be good enough to get it. There's a lot of travel involved, not overly fond of being away from home. But VERY good money. We'll see, nothing ventured nothing gained I suppose.

Let all be well in your world.

My life in a 1940's cartoon

Love this :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good Grief

Well so far this week I broke a toe and smashed my finger. I keep damaging insignificant appendages. Oh well.

Otherwise classes are going well...I should be an AWS certified welder by next week...yay me.

The biggest challenge of my life right now is Bella and bedtime. She is the QUEEN of the stall. Here's our nightly battle.

Me - "Bella it's bedtime"

Bella - "I'm hungry"

Me - "You ate supper, and had a snack, your fine"

Bella -"I'm thirsty"

Me - "You just had a glass of water"

Bella - "I'm not tired"

Me - "If you laid down you'd go to sleep"

Bella - "I want to watch the upside down show"

Me - "It's bedtime"

Bella - insert hysterical screeching here

Me - "It's bedtime!"

Me - carry sed child to her bunk...put her BACK in it for the 8 millionth time. Threaten to send her to gypsies...put her back in bunk for 8 million and 1 time.

Bella - stays still for 1 minute and falls asleep.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sad but true

This song makes my kids giggle.