Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tell me something

Does this kid look like the Antichrist? Apparently to one of my neighbors (down the block) he is. I am VERY aware that Vincent isn't perfect - and he does get into trouble sometimes it's been pretty BIG trouble too.

That being said, I don't understand where an ADULT gets off calling a kid horrible names like "A little SHIT" or a "Bitch". I can deal with someone not wanting their kids to play with mine and I'd respect that wish as well. BUT when THOSE kids come down to our block and tell my kids they can't play with the friends they have HERE because they came and they aren't allowed to play with "THEM", I will NEVER get that. I will also not be able to understand why an ADULT would go to my son's OTHER friends parents and tell them that Vincent should NOT be allowed to play at their homes either and how that other adult is IRRATIONAL enough to do it. When Vincent came home in tears because he's no longer allowed to play with another friend - of which he's known for YEARS, I just lost it. I went to talk to the other parent who says "Vincent got her kids in trouble ..." I cut her off and yelled (not proud of that) "I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS!!!!!!!!"

I have been dealing with this WOMAN (I refuse to call her an adult anymore because she clearly isn't one) for weeks now. I have tried to be the bigger person, I even wrote her a letter as she kept hanging up on me on the phone or yelling at me as if I'm a child. I have NEVER told her kids to get out of my yard or not to be on my sidewalk. Which she has done to Vincent because he rode through a mud puddle on her sidewalk and got dirt on the rest of it - just like every other kid around here. I have instructed him to ride across the street from this woman's house from now on. But I'm just done, it's taking every ounce of my strength to not go to her house knock on her door and punch her right in the face.

I'm not one to be pushed to tears that often - I try to stay rational and calm - but I can't seem to stop crying for Vincent and the girls. They do NOT deserve to be treated this horribly by a petty miserable excuse of a human being.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm in love

With ! Another blogger that I read often mentioned it so I checked it out. It's the culinary crack of websites...and I'm soooooooooo not going to rehab! In the near future I full intend on making these little bundles of decadence.

Monday, July 6, 2009


So we've been busy this summer, and oddly enough it's getting ready for fall. Tending the garden which has been doing very well this year. Although my radishes were a little disappointing - but for some reason I have NEVER been able to grow radishes. I will never understand why I cannot grow radishes.

We've also been splitting wood. I have been less than pleased with the hubby on that front. He'll complain of being tired after we split wood. He runs the HANDLE...Vincent and I do all the lifting and throwing of wood. I have figured out when we cut wood I will move a tree roughly eight times before it's ash. This weekend I moved about 2000 lbs of wood - TWICE. With a bum knee as well...but I'm the "weaker" sex. My eye! I may complain about cutting, splitting, stacking, hauling wood - but in the end it's worth it. Especially when we get our minimal gas bill in the winter. But I figure if I'm moving all that wood, I can complain about it if I want to :P

I'm still not working outside the home. Unemployment around here is through the roof and it's really sad. In no way does my family have it all that bad, we have plenty of food to eat, a roof over our heads, and our ship is in no way sinking. But I do miss working sometimes - I enjoy my kids everyday of my and their lives - even when they make me crazed. I give them credit too, they have a zest for life that is just unmatched! They enjoy themselves wherever they are, I do wish they'd enjoy themselves a little less in the grocery store though! :) But they have become more independent and don't always want/need to be around me all the time anymore. I have to admit I do miss that clingyness sometimes. I'm proud of the people they are becoming.
Bella starts Safety Town this week, Vincent -archery, and Lilly goes to art class. They are all pretty jazzed about it too. I'll try to remember to post pictures too :)