Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Post layoff

I have been getting the kids back up to par on the school work front. I must sadly admit I hadn't realized how behind Vincent had become. He has made some great progression in the week we have been working together, I'm very proud of him. He just gets so frustrated when he is trying to read. That's the area we are going to battle the most, he's so willing to just give up. Too bad for him his Momma is sooooooooo not going to let that happen!

Lil was struggling a bit with her math, but she's just about back up to par with her class now. She's worked really hard too, and I'm proud of her.

I have had to resist the urge to strangle their father. He was supposed to be keeping them up to snuff. I have always stressed that school comes above all else. If it comes down to it, he can go back to nights so that I can keep these kids where they should be in their educations. And I'm prepared to become the psycho bitch from hell about it too.

I start my stick welding class on Monday. It's 10 classes total...and the first four we have to take a math class as well. I wanted to cringe, here I am tutoring my children with their math and yet I have to take a refresher course. Ugh, however it won't hurt me one bit...well much anyway :)
So I'm excited to have something to do for a few weeks. And my kids will get a kick out of the fact that MOM has to take a Math class. Har har har!

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