Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good Grief

Well so far this week I broke a toe and smashed my finger. I keep damaging insignificant appendages. Oh well.

Otherwise classes are going well...I should be an AWS certified welder by next week...yay me.

The biggest challenge of my life right now is Bella and bedtime. She is the QUEEN of the stall. Here's our nightly battle.

Me - "Bella it's bedtime"

Bella - "I'm hungry"

Me - "You ate supper, and had a snack, your fine"

Bella -"I'm thirsty"

Me - "You just had a glass of water"

Bella - "I'm not tired"

Me - "If you laid down you'd go to sleep"

Bella - "I want to watch the upside down show"

Me - "It's bedtime"

Bella - insert hysterical screeching here

Me - "It's bedtime!"

Me - carry sed child to her bunk...put her BACK in it for the 8 millionth time. Threaten to send her to gypsies...put her back in bunk for 8 million and 1 time.

Bella - stays still for 1 minute and falls asleep.


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