Monday, November 16, 2009


It's odd that I'm online only now and again lately. This is mostly due to the new job at the Bankcard center. It's not my DREAM job, but it will help pay the bills, and I have to say this company treats their employees well and the people are great. Sometimes that's all a job needs to have to be worthwhile. The job itself it interesting as well. And that's all I have to say about that. :)

I have finally come out of my "funk"! I think it was mostly due to not working and feeling pretty damned worthless because of it. My house went to hell in a hand basket, but I've been "digging out" and it's much better. I'm not ashamed for other people to walk in anymore. And I'm not as snippy to everyone either, nor am I as tired as I was for the LONGEST time. Depression is a strange creature, it not only effects the brain but nails you physically as well. And where things are not perfect nor do I think they ever will be...besides perfection is overrated :) !

The kids are doing great, we have Lil's first orchestra concert in December, and I'm so excited to see her play in a group. She works hard at it and songs are becoming more recognizable! Her grades are good and I really can't express how amazing she is.

Vincent is doing well with his speech therapy...and I can see some marked improvement with his lisp. He's slacking a bit with homework, but his reading is so much better and he's whizzing along in math too! His teacher raved about him at conferences and I was just beaming! He's had so many troubles this year. Sometimes it's just hard to be a farm kid trapped in town, when he's hanging out with other kids who live in smaller rural towns or farms...he's fine. Here in town, he gets picked on sometimes and then when he defends himself HE'S the bad guy. Tired of it and I REFUSE to punish a kid for defending himself, and if other kids parents don't like it...they can kiss my ASS.

Bella is THRIVING in kindergarten, she's READING already. She loves being student reader at school, I must say she just LOVES school. I still think she's going to take over Cuba one day, but that's just me :) I cannot believe her birthday is in roughly 3 weeks and she'll be SIX. It never ceases to amaze me how time flies.

Anyway...just figured I should update :) I'll have to get some kid pics on soon too. They are HUGE!!!!!!!!!!

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