Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An update....

Not that my life is exciting, which I am just fine with because it seems that when my life becomes exciting these days it's due to something rotten happening. Dull is all gouda to me :)
So here's what's been going on:

School is out for the are thrilled...I however am now a proponent for year round school. This is for a couple of reasons, one because I get tired of hearing "I'm bored", and also I think they forget about 20% of what they learn during the school year and spend the first 9 weeks of school playing catch up.

Lilly is one seriously busy young lady - she turned 10 in April, and it never ceases to amaze me that she is less of a child and more of a young adult. She is still involved with orchestra and is even volunteering to play at the assisted living center my Grandmother lives at. She is beginning to take tae kwando which I think will help with her coordination not to mention being able to defend herself later won't hurt either. She is also doing flag corp and girl scouts as well. I swear her schedule makes ME tired.

Vincent isn't involved with much extra activities although he will be taking a couple of cooking classes this summer and he is very excited about that. He has also gotten his very first paddle fish tag for this fall, he is super excited about that. I do think we are going to have to tie him down so that the fish doesn't haul him into the river! He's been subject to some serious bullying this year and it breaks my heart and requires much self restraint not to go kick someones ass. But that would not teach him the correct path, and that is my job. But I hate seeing him suffer. So I have been occupying him by allowing him to spend a few days with friends on their farm and having sleepovers at other friends homes so he is out of the neighborhood and enjoying himself.

Isabella broke her arm earlier this year, she fell off her bike. She was lucky enough to not need an actual cast and could get by with a brace. Oddly enough I had to keep shooing her OFF the monkey bars, I caught her several times hanging by one arm. One time she was on the rings and said, I'm not hanging on the MONKEY BARS, I'm hanging on the RINGS. This is when I needed to explain to her I would prefer she not be HANGING off ANYTHING until her arm had healed. She is bull headed sometimes...where could she POSSIBLY have gotten that trait from? She is also took a cooking class this year and loved it, they did not actually do the cooking, but the prep work and she had a great time.

Of course there are swimming lessons in July as I am adamant about those. This year they all get to be at the same location and the SAME TIME. I only have to go to the pool once a day...whoop!


We have the garden in, Greg planted most of it, so we have 8 million rows of potatoes and 6 tomato plants....this is where I roll my eyes. It is coming along nicely and the torrential rain and hail have not damaged it that much. This year we only planted a couple of celery plants in my herb garden. I love how they smell and I like to dry them and then grind it for seasoning. But I do not care for the taste, it seems to be extremely bitter out of the garden.

We also planted indian corn and popcorn. As I said Greg did most of the planting while I was at work, so I wasn't there to stop him...ugh.

Greg and I celebrated out 10th anniversary this year. Also amazing, I had never had a relationship last over 2 years before we were married. Mostly due to self sabotage. We have had ups and downs but I have to say he and I are a constant that I'm happy to have. I find it funny that people think 10 years is monumental. But in this instant society where things aren't built to last, people are willing to give up on things that take work. I have never been the type of person to do that, sometimes the challenge is what makes life interesting.

I am now a customer service rep for a bank. I do not have to call people, so it's not bad work. But I get yelled at a lot about interest rates...oh well..READ THE INFO WE SEND YOU!!!
I like my supervisor, and the other people I work with. The work isn't hard, and apparently I'm good at it. But I do miss welding.

That being said, Kolberg's called me and offered me my old job back, which I declined. Mostly because I do not think it is a good idea for Greg and I to work at the same place. Not because there is a conflict with us, but because I do not want to put all our eggs in one basket. I have moved him and the kids to my insurance, which is better. And with my sales I make what I was making at Kolberg's only in air conditioning and I don't light myself on fire. These are good things, also a friend of mine said anytime I want to play with a welder I can use his welding truck. Best of both worlds I suppose.

I have been working quite a bit of overtime lately and quite frankly I'm bushed. I'm not going to sign up for Friday and Sat because I'm missing spending some good summertime with the kids and I am planning to take them to the lake for a day of swimming, fishing, picnicking and other romping around. Should be a good time! The money helps but I don't want to miss out on my kids youth either. I work nights so Greg is home with them in the evening, but I have to get a little sleep in the mornings so they don't get to go outside until after 10am when I am awake. I would prefer to sleep more, but I don't think it's fair to keep them trapped indoors.

I have other things to say, and I'll do that another time....may life be grand to you and yours!

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