Friday, June 1, 2012

Post Surgery

It's late, and my leg is throbbing, so I should do an update.  I had my surgery on May 29th, they put a plate and some screws on m, y left ankle, I'm not sure exactly how many screws. 

The surgery was supposed to be at 12ish, but there was some sort of delay and so I didn't even get into surgery until after 2:30ish, but I did get a $10.00 gift card from HyVee for the inconvenience.   Then the anesthesiologist came in to discuss how I was going to "go under".  After looking at all of the options, I chose a spinal block and sedative, so I was not awake at all.  When I came to, I was feeling groggy, but ok. Everything went well with the surgery yay.

They were going to let me go home that same day as long as I went to the bathroom and I could get around after the spinal block wore off.  Well the time came to go to the bathroom and wow was I wobbly, and I couldn't go even though I felt like I was going to wet my pants! *TMI I'm sure but it's part of the tale*  I got back into bed and my leg began to throb a little, then more, then more...then to the point where I wanted to saw off my own leg!  I have a high tolerance for pain and I was just in tears, I had asked for something for pain a couple of times, and was given meds, but they didn't even put a dent into the pain. 

I was really upset about the possibility of going home in that much pain as I didn't want my kids to see me in tears.  Not to mention I could barely get to the bathroom in my room by myself and the thought of  trying to get down to our bathroom  in the basement was horrifying.  So basically I was begging to spend the night in the hospital.  I called Greg in tears and asked him to come sit with me for a while, he said "I'm coming to raise some hell about this, you can't come home like this!"  Now normally I would do everything I could to NOT have Greg loose his cool with people who are just doing their jobs, but I was hurting so bad I didn't even care.  That's when I think he realized how much pain I was in too. 

By this time the nurses had changed shifts, and the new nurse I had called the Doctor and told him there was no way I could go home with the amount of pain I was in.  Then they ordered morphine through my IV, it still took 3/4 of the night but they FINALLY got my pain under control.  The Dr also changed my meds to come home with, so now I'm on a "cocktail" of Oxycodone, Tramadol, and Hydrocodone.  And if I get even a little off with taking them my leg makes me well aware of it! 

I'm home now, and able to get around well.  The kids and Greg are being really helpful and I can't thank them enough for that! 

Tomorrow I'm going to SHOWER since the surgery.  Break out the garbage bags and duct tape!  Oh happy day.  But I feel so slimy and I would like to get my hair washed.  I have the shower bench so that isn't something I have to get used to or figure out how to use.  It's a slight pain, but really not too bad and I'm just happy to be able to shower as are those who must be around!

So that's pretty much it in a nutshell...hope the days are treating you fabulous!

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