Friday, October 17, 2008

I really need to update more.

But sometimes I am just to lazy.

I find myself less and less on the net lately. We have been out hunting every weekend for 3 weeks now. I had Vincent in the tree stand with me one time but he got so excited when we saw a deer he spooked her. But he's only 6 and it does make your heart race!

Right now I am having a tough time with Lil. She has developed the "tude" which is making me crazed. She's 8 going on 30. But the thing that is really grinding my gears is how disrespectful she is becoming. She knows that treating people with respect is so important. But we're getting there, I keep the lines of communications open.

I have begun to feel a bit guilty about going back to work. During the week I really don't see Lilly and Vincent very much, and lately with hunting I haven't had much time to spend with Lilly. Which could be the cause of some of her acting out too. She and I are going to have to do something fun for just the two of us. Honestly I have continued volunteering at the kids school for the afternoon crossing guard so I at least see them before I go to work every day. But I just feel like I'm missing out on things that I shouldn't be.

But I am still going to conferences at the end of the month. I didn't get to meet the kids teachers at the beginning of the year, but I do trade emails with them, so I'm getting updates. But I am used to being able to attend everything they did, and not having that joy is making me a little bummed out. Oddly enough a titch jealous of Greg too, as he gets to do more with the kids now. I had always wanted him to be more involved in the day to day things with their lives, but now that he's here more I am envious.

Work is going well, I had my 3 month review and was given a decent raise. I don't mind working nights (as I've always been a night owl), other than missing my kids, and I enjoy everyone I work with as well. I never really thought I would enjoy welding as much as I do. We are a little slow right now so there isn't any overtime, and it's not looking good for it until the first of the year.
I could live without all the burns I've managed to get. I finally gave in and bought leather sleeves - it's sort of a half jacket, but my arms have not had a burn in some time. I did set myself on fire the other day though, I didn't notice my jeans were frayed. A piece of slag hit them and poof, but sadly I didn't notice until it'd burned up past my ankle. Oh well the chance one takes when they play with fire for a living.

That's about it in a nutshell...I swear I'll keep up on this a little better.

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