Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dirt is not so dull

Tilled the garden under yesterday. We didn't realize how wet the dirt was and it took WAY longer and was a mess. But it's a task that is done.

Today I am trying to discover where my house is under all this clutter. Rumor has it we have a floor somewhere around here. I'm trying to confirm that! I swear since I started working nights the house has gone to hell in a hand basket. One would think after a while things would fall into place but I have to say they are not and sometimes the chaos is just nuts.

Lil is currently working on her "landforms" homework. Once I got her focused she is just going to town. However getting her to start it was a nightmare. But she is doing it and what she's making is really cool, I love seeing her mind work!

Bella and I have been having the battle of the wills today. I swear that girl is going to be the future dictator of Cuba someday! I hear comments about how she and Lil will be such heart breakers someday. Lil's going to be a heart breaker, Bella is going to be a ball buster! That girl is going to tell a guy what's gonna happen, when it's gonna happen, and how it's gonna happen and if he doesn't like it she'll kick his tuchas! (She gets this from her momma you know :) )

Vincent and Greg are at a city surplus auction today. Vincent has explicit instructions to tackle his dad if he tries to bid on the SIREN I saw on the auction bill. Now granted Vince is MUCH smaller than his father, but he is a tenacious little bugger. BUT I think he wants the siren as much as his dad does. GOD HELP ME!

Otherwise not much is going on - I'm dull...but I really LIKE being dull. When my life is exciting it's not usually in a good way.

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