Monday, November 24, 2008

Wow...2 posts one day!

I can't seem to sleep. I finished my test, I still have some proofreading to do on the dictation portion, but my brain is a bit mushy so I'll do it tomorrow after I get kids off to school.

That is why I am posting twice. I have a confession to make, I have a horrible little guilty pleasure when I cannot sleep. Reality television - more specifically Rock of Love Charm School. I KNOW it is a sad sad thing. This evening I have put some thought into what is being put onto television these days. Visual vomit seems to come to mind as a descriptive term. I cannot fathom how some of these people would go on television and act so foolish just for their "15 minutes". I would prefer to be unknown thank you very much.

Granted here I am posting my thoughts on the Internet. However I am not saying things that I would not want others to know. The beauty of privacy :) Mostly if you don't want others commenting on your life...don't put it out in full view.

I enjoy reading several blogs out in "net land" some are of real life friends who live far away, some are of people I have met on the net and have some things in common with, some I read because they are interesting....well ok more INSTAgating than interesting. That is why I keep some things more private than others. But if you out there in cyber land - if you ever have a question...ask...I may answer, or I may not...but mostly I would :)

Have a stellar night/day!

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