Sunday, November 23, 2008

Burning the candle at both ends.

The economy has finally caught up to me personally. The plant I am a welder at has begun to lay people off. All of the temporary and part time employee's have gotten notices that their last day will be the 26th. We also were given a letter with our paychecks asking for volunteers to be laid off. The upside to this is if someone was planning to quit anyway they would still be able to qualify for profit sharing under the "vol lay off". I however am not planning to do this. But my neck has a dotted line all over it. I was the last hire in my department, so naturally I will be the first laid off. It is the fair thing, but it still stinks on ice.

So I have picked up my medical transcription studies a little more vigorously. I figure a back up plan never hurts, and the medical industry is one that is relatively stable. And I could work from home setting my own hours, which would be nice to be able to do.

G and I have always planned things around the worst case scenario. I used to think this was a horribly pessimistic thing to do. Now that the economy is a craptastic as it is we are lucky enough to NOT have to worry where the money for the mortgage, groceries, etc is coming from. It doesn't hurt that I never have to buy meat as we hunt all of our own. I garden and can like a madwoman. Stuff like that is the saving grace.

I do feel a bit for those who do not have any idea how to get along without instant gratification items. I think they are going to be in for quite a shock at some point. Where I am optimistic that things will get better, I have a feeling they are going to get a bit worse first. But I'm a prairie gal and I have a family of tough cookies :)

Well back to the books!
Hope all is well in your worlds!

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