Monday, January 12, 2009

New things

Not terribly much new. I have quit smoking - again. Now for those of you who are about to ream me for being a Mom and smoking, know this. I NEVER smoked in my house or car. I only stood outside and smoked. I did not expose my family to second hand smoke. Anyway I've quit again and so far so good. I have been avoiding any situation where I could be around smokers as well. I'm not strong enough to be around it yet without being tempted back into doing it.

I'm struggling with the whole snacking thing as well. I'm trying to not go near the vending machine at work. I've been packing healthy snacks. But I do slip.

I am lucky enough to still have a job, for now. We have a lay off coming this month and I'm praying I make the cut. But as long as either Greg or I are working we should be ok. But if we should both get laid off it will be interesting to say the least. (We work for the same the same job...he's on days...I'm on nights) We shall see what comes. I can get a job doing just about anything, but I really LIKE welding and my job in general.

Kids are all doing well...Lilly is back in basketball again and loving every minute of it. She's been having some trouble in math, but is working very hard to get better. I'm proud of her!

Vincent is trying to stay out of trouble, and doing a good job at staying away from MAJOR trouble. He has been out hunting with Dad darn near every weekend and loves it like crazy.

Bella and I are having a contest of wills lately. Lucky for me I'm more stubborn than she is - for now anyway! Her latest thing is she doesn't wish to wear clothing at home, she prefers to romp around in her underpants. She's 5....but most of the time this isn't too big of a deal, but the argument to get her dressed is dreadful!

That's about it...still processing deer....still crossing guard at the kids school...still dull as dirt! :)

Hope all is grand in your world!

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