Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Not all fun and games

I can't sleep because my leg is throbbing.  My arms hurt too, mostly my biceps and triceps, I'm certain this is due to using the crutches.  Eventually I should have some nice guns again.  I bought some tiger balm, that stuff stinks to high heaven, but it sure does wonders for muscle aches.  I don't think I've used it since I was a kid, I was shocked to even find it.  It costs more but again it works so well.

I'm nervous about my Thursday appt I am fairly certain they won't do anything about my knee at the same time as my ankle.  Mostly because the therapy involved to rehab both joints would be really difficult.  Not that I'm not up to a challenge, I just don't think it's even going to be an option.  And I really liked the Dr at the Foot and Ankle clinic, I don't want to not go to him.  But the other Dr does knees too, so I suppose I should just stop obsessing and wait and see.  Something I'm not good at, I like knowing what's coming.

Most of the time this whole situation seems a little surreal and I feel like I've just sprained my ankle or something, but then I try to sleep and my ankle makes me WELL aware of the fact that it's not sprained but broken.  I also don't like the idea of having a metal plate and screw on one of my joints.  And NATURALLY every person who has had a bad experience here has come out of the woodwork and found it necessary to tell me in detail their story.  I want to say "Look I'm nervous enough could you PLEASE, Shut the hell up?" not that I will.

I suppose I can try sleeping again...wish me luck!


Caitlin said...

I'm here to help you with your ugly boot situation! I was really leaning to sequins and then I had a brain flash, you must decorate it like a Nudie suit, ala Elvis or Gram Parsons. You know, floral appliqués hot glued on, stars, sparkles, spangles.

This tumblog is crammed full of inspiration. If I knew where you lived I'd come on over and make it happen!

welder_momma said...

Friday we have to do a shopping trip, so I will see what we can find and stock up on the glue sticks! Getting the kids involved now too! It's gonna ROCK!