Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Simple things aren't so simple now

Take showering, I have to stick my leg in a garbage bag, get the stool to sit on have everything I need RIGHT THERE.  On the up side, I really only can shave one leg, so that's half the work...lol !  My family is grateful that I've put forth the effort and showered, I knew it was time when the turkey vultures started circling the house regularly!

Driving is also a pain, the act of driving itself isn't so bad as it's my left leg that is injured and my Envoy is an automatic.  Getting to the car seems to take forever, it's really not all that far from my house to the street, but it may as well be 10 miles.  Once I get somewhere it's awful right now too, I have GOT to remember to ask for a temporary handicap permit, I have had to hobble over half a parking lot and that sucked!  I've given up my purse for now and have one of the kids backpacks, note to self....BUY BACKPACK...I will NOT go down the road of fanny packs...not now, not ever!

I'm glad school is out though so the kids can help me run errands.  We had to take Old Kitty to the vet to get out his stitches, I couldn't carry him so Lil and Vincent took that duty.  Bella kept him under control at the vet she has such a way with him.

Old Kitty is our latest edition, he adopted us he wandered into our yard one day just looking pitiful and had a horrible ear infection.  I took him to the vet and we got that taken care of, and since he has had "the big snip" as well and all vaccinations. They figure he's about 11 years old, he has a great temperament with humans but he and Carrot don't seem to care for one another, but when they are outside Carrot leaves him alone and when they are inside Old Kitty tries to avoid Carrot.  Zucchini just ducks and covers as usual...I swear he's part chicken.

So that's about all I have for today...on to the pictures...1 and 2 old kitty, 3 Das Boot after a shower, 4 Leg with out Das Boot!

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