Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chill in the air

I love spring and fall, they are my favorite seasons. I love how crisp and clear the air becomes in the fall. The colors of all of the leaves, the end of canning season and the beginning of hunting season.

I also enjoy hearing the geese fly by. There is a flock of Canadian geese that stop at a local park every year. I remember when the first two began to stop here, I was 10 or 11. There are so many generations that now use our "duck pond" as a lay over. Never ceases to amaze me. What is so neat about it is the flocks fly very low over our house to get there, you can watch them change formations and how they look like they are doing barrel rolls. But it's really neat in the pre dawn hours when you cannot really see them, but you hear them. How the volume changes as they get closer.

My father loved to duck hunt. His nickname was "big duck". He taught me how to call in Canadian geese when I was 5. I can still do this although I don't care to hunt geese, mostly because I do not care for the taste of goose or duck. I won't hunt something I won't eat. - I'm strange like that. For me it's not all about the kill, but the process of getting a deer. Trudging through the fields or woods in the dark as quietly as possible (without breaking ones neck!), getting set up in a stand, waiting for the sun to rise. The one observation I have made over the years is the smaller the animal - the LOUDER they are on approach. Deer are darned near silent - but squirrels sound like bulls in china shops!

I really should be sleeping right now - a nap between fire feedings! But this is the quietest my day will be and I enjoy having a cup of coffee, and then sitting outside for a little while before the sun comes up and everyone else gets up. Sometimes I even talk to my Dad, it's so hard to believe that he's been gone over 14 years now. I still get sad when I think he never got to see his Grandchildren in person. He would have spoiled them rotten and made me nuts in the process. I see glimpses of him in each one of them - Lilly has his friendliness and salesman ship abilities. Vincent - has his love of hunting/fishing and helping others for no personal gain. Bella has his charisma - you get drawn to her even when she makes you crazy.

Ah I hear the stirrings of Lil - she is up every day by 6 am! You can set a watch to this child, but she's always been an early riser and it's nice because we get a little visit before everyone else is up. So I'm off to cuddle with her :)

Have a stellar day!

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