Monday, October 20, 2008

Teacher work day!

There is no school today. So I have been breaking up arguments since I woke up. However I mentioned that if they didn't stop grumbling at each other I had plenty of work for them to do. Then the grumbling was directed at me, which I can cope with :) And they did do their chores so it's all good!

I am trying to get everything ready for Halloween. Lilly wants to be vampire (easy peasy), Bella wants to be a princess(a friend of mine made her costume) and Vincent...well as usual he doesn't want to be something standard, he wants to be Alice Cooper. I don't think it should be too tough...however Alice Cooper has long black hair and Vincent has short blonde hair. Naturally I have bought a wig for him, now if I can just keep the cat from playing with it, it should be ok.

I still have a ton of stuff to get ready. I am the youth coordinator for the Moose Lodge here so most parties fall to me to plan and get done. Working nights does not make this easy to do. But I'm certain it will be fun, because these kids enjoy the parties every year. I know MY kids can enjoy a trip to the grocery store. That is one great thing about them, they have a love of life and enjoy just about everything about it!

Right now we are all fighting colds which stinks. Coughing and welding is NOT a good combination! But then again 3 kids with green boogery noses aren't always a good combo either! But it will pass...I always remind myself of that....most of the difficulties will pass. Some not always a quickly as others though :)

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