Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I could say I have a delima, but I don't really feel it is. My neighbor is apparently pissed off at me for some reason. She has quit talking to me, and has spoken to all the other neighbors about why she is pissed off at me. However she has said nothing to ME about why she is pissed off. My ego can handle someone being upset with me, tell me what I've done and if an apology is in order I will gladly give it and learn from the situation.

I do however resent the high school drama bullshit she's pulling. So I have decided that if she doesn't wish to speak to me I will respect her wishes and not speak to her. Her kids are still more than welcome to play here, as I would never hold anything against a child.

Now here's the kicker, I've found out she's talking smack about Vincent! THIS PISSES ME OFF SEVERELY! She and another neighbor have yelled at him to get out of their yards and told him he's no good and if they see him in their yards they are calling the cops. THE COPS for crying out loud! The other neighbor she's teamed up with has two sons - and they recently smeared habenero peppers into Vincent's face (barely missing his eyes). Did we call the police, no. The neighbor who is talking all this crap has a son as well - he has WHIPPED my son with an electrical cord, slammed his head into pavement, and numerous other violent acts. Have I called the police on HIM, no. But MY son has the AUDACITY to play in their yards with THEIR kids and the police showed up at my house regarding a "trespassing" complaint. Honestly the cops were more annoyed with the two bitchy women than my son. But I've had it!

These are also women who have asked me for countless favors - which I have done my best to do. I swore I wouldn't let all of this crap get to me, I'd take the high road. But I am at a breaking point and quite frankly just want to scream at them or something involving a baseball bat. But I won't, I will continue taking the high road, because that is what I have taught my children to do.

I am not a perfect parent, I have lost my temper at my children. But I have never called them stupid or worthless or lazy or asshole ( I could go on). My kids are a little strange though, they use words not heard so often these days : Ma'am and Sir, Please and Thank you. They share most of the time. They will help a neighbor rake leaves, shovel snow, carry in groceries. Vincent will hold a door for girls/women and actually say "Ladies first". They are respectful of others and others belongings. They know the value of hard work. They would rather be outside playing than inside playing a video game. They are good kids. And I am blessed to have them.

Ok so that was my rant - on the lighter side:

I set myself on fire at work tonight. Sadly I didn't even realize it until I smelled something burning. The item burning happened to be my shirt, I was very happy I wore two shirts today, if not I'd have burned the crap out of myself.

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corrie said...

neighbours.....one of the reasons i like living in the country so much, lack of neighbours !