Sunday, September 4, 2011

Improving myself

About a month ago I stepped on a scale, and practically burst into tears. I knew I was overweight (obese actually) but I had no idea it was as bad as it was. Yankton has decided to sponsor a sort of biggest loser thing called YankTON Challenge. Since the bank is sponsoring us, I decided to sign up. But there are other reasons too, my father was morbidly obese and where kidney cancer is what he died from, his weight was a factor in not finding it sooner. I have struggled with my size for as long as I can remember, not in the sense where I have an eating disorder but to not become as large as he was.

Week one!
I have a bicycle thing I keep under my desk at work, so I've been peddling while working, it doesn't get me any cardio type of workout, but it helps my arthritic knees not hate me so much and it does burn calories. I joined a gym that has 24 hr access, so I go after I get off from work at 1am. Most of the time a friend of mine and I go together, but I'm at a point where I'm even going alone too. Something I would never do normally, however I like how I've been feeling after I'm done and my energy level has gone up too.

I am doing the South Beach diet...phase one. I'm not doing the entire diet that way but I like the phase one where you cut out carbs completely. It's not as hard as you think it might be, although I miss bread and pasta....and beer. I REALLY MISS BEER!!

Greg is doing the challenge too, and he's lost 9 lbs. I'm really proud of him too! I am motivated not only for my health, but just to feel better about how I look when I see myself in a mirror.

After week one....down ELEVEN lbs. I'm proud of myself, and it's a great start. I do know it's going to taper off too and won't and shouldn't be like that each week. It is a great morale booster though!

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