Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 2 well 3 really ha ha ha

So far so good! I have joined a gym and go every night after work. Right now I'm doing the treadmill mostly just to get my endurance up, but I go at 3mph for 45 min with varying inclines so I'm getting a good bang for my buck so to speak. I have also been doing the other machines, but not when there are a ton of ppl in the gym. Still really self conscious about that, however I'm up to 50 reps on both ab machines at 50lbs. I started at 10 if I was lucky at 10 lbs.

Still drinking tons of water and teas. I did have ONE soda last week (hanging head in AND 3 beers last weekend (hangs head in shame AGAIN). And I've reintroduced carbs, and I'm not KILLING myself monitoring them, but I don't eat as many as before.

So far the grand total is 16lbs down...YAY ME! But it's still a long road ahead, I have to say though I like how I have more energy after working out. Odd how I don't feel tired but amped up, so now after my nice lunch I'm going to turn on the tunes and start doing some cleaning around this joint!

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poorbaby said...

You are my HERO! I started taking kickboxing classes and so far have been able to make a month. ugh. epic fail. Keep it up!! Youre my inspiration!!!