Monday, May 21, 2012

Das Boot

I have been neglecting this blog for quite some time.  There have been lots of things that have happened that I do not wish to blog about as 1. they are far to complicated and 2. they are private and do not need to be on the net.

I have managed to break my ankle.  I did this when I stepped on our garden hose while wearing flip flops.  My bad knee twisted and my foot stayed in place a bit too long.  So now I will be having surgery to fix it.  So to keep myself entertained, I'll going to blog the experience.  I am calling it Das Boot because of the boot thing I have to wear right now, and it's a joke about a movie that makes me nuts but my husband LOVES called Das Boot, it's a FOUR HOUR long black and white movie about a submarine sinking...did I mention it's in GERMAN!  So the words "Das Boot" generally make me cringe...

I will be taking pictures of my boot doing everyday things and posting them here and my facebook page...mostly because I'm an odd duck like that.

I'm a bit frustrated with the whole experience right now, my left knee is the reason my left ankle is now broken.  I think it would make sense to fix them both now.  I will find out on Thursday if this is even a possibility, which it may not be just due to the logistics of it.   My theory is that if I am going to be laid up for several weeks, lets fix EVERYTHING.  Not to mention if my knee is still weak, fixing my ankle is just temporary, as my knee will give out again and we will be back at square one.  I really do not want to have any more broken bones.  But I don't get to decide.

The other thing that has irritated me is this happened on Friday, I was not able to see an orthopedic Doctor until today...MONDAY.  This is because they are not on call anymore, so unless it is a life threatening break you basically get a band aid and pain pills.  If it is life threatening, they transport you to Sioux Falls or Sioux City...both which would be expensive!  When I was calling around today to try to find a Dr to get into, the first one's receptionist tells me he's booked until Thursday, but gave me to the Rn.  I tell her that I will be calling to see if I can get into anyone today.  She then says well the Dr would schedule you for Thursday anyway because he can't do anything until the swelling goes down.   MY ASS!  The Dr I went into today took more xrays, put on a compression bandage (which has helped my comfort level immensely) and discussed my options for surgery. 

I am still keeping my appt with Dr #1 only because he can look at my knee too, where Dr #2 is only foot/ankle Dr.  But if I can't have anything else done with my knee at this time, I'm sticking with Dr. #2 because he actually seemed to give a damn.

So that is all I have to say for now...and here's the pic of the day!  Das Boot catching some rays!

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